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Due to Low Inventory please call us for the current listing and we also have access to the yacht MLS if we do not currently have what you’re looking for?

Founded by Licensed Capt. John Hook 200 ton Master

We will walk through the process together, examining and comparing similar yachts from many different brands and styles, asking the important questions you may or may not have thought of, so you get exactly what you want. And what you deserve. We know that no two customers are the same and that’s exactly why you should choose a broker who cares and is experienced.


We ask and look at a variety of things such as is your next boat for fishing, cruising, sailing, or just weekend fun. Maybe you a busy professional and low maintenance are ideal. Or maybe you’re looking for something to enjoy with the grandkids. Either way, these are huge factors we care and your safety is our priority too! So sometimes we help find yachts that are better suited for the experience you are looking for.


Working with a SoCal Yachts team member will help you avoid bad investments because if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. We can help you avoid wasting time, or worse, money, on a bad investment.

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